Vote KING First or Second Choice for Ward 7 City Council member on November 5th and LET US RISE TOGETHER!

Saint Paul Issues



Kartumu’s Thoughts:

“I live here and I experience what you experience. Please get in touch and tell me your concerns for Ward 7 and all of Saint Paul.”

Statistical Data



Trash Collection

  • Transparency
  • Choices
  • Cost


  • Public schools
    • funding
    • clear and consistent standards
  • Adult education awareness/outreach
  • Mental health
  • Transportation solutions

City Departments

  • Transparency
  • Community outreach
  • Community consultation
  • Training
  • Local representation


  • Addressing the causes
  • Safe temporary and long term solutions
  • Pathway to support
  • Co-ordinating resources and programs
  • Youth and family homelessness
  • Veterans

Home Ownership

  • Taxes
  • Affordable housing
  • Pathway to home ownership



What we have in our city right now are a small number of individuals making decisions for the rest of us without fully including us.
What we need is fair and inclusive representation for all Saint Paul residents.
We the people of Saint Paul want our power back.”

Ward 7 Issues

Some issues are more relevant to Ward 7 and the East Side of Saint Paul



Lack of Inclusion

  • Resident representation
    • Decision making process
    • development / implementation
    • Ambassadors

Building a Stronger Ward

  • Cultural differences
    • Exploring
    • Understanding
  • Empowering community organizers
  • Tackling poverty


Rental Properties

  • Pathway to home ownership
  • Public housing (low-income)
  • Renter’s rights / education
  • Landlord accountability

Eastside Economic Development

  • Lack of sustainable job opportunities
  • Lack of community outreach to residents to help to start small businesses
  • Lack of inclusivity of opportunities