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Saint Paul City Council

Ward 7

“As a Liberian woman…

…who migrated from Liberia to Saint Paul as a child, I have experienced good, bad, and indifference from all. In my 36 years on this earth I have realized that regardless of who you are and what you have, we are all trying to rise to our full potential.

What I do know is that there are structures in place that determine who can rise and how far.”

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About Ward 7


Ward 7 of Saint Paul, MN includes the neighborhoods of Dayton’s Bluff, Mounds Park, Swede Hollow, Battle Creek, Highwood, Conway and Eastview.
Ward 7 has a wonderfully diverse population, many of whom hail from Dayton’s Bluff’s historic urban homes while living close to Lowertown. It also has the most expansive green areas of Minnesota’s capital city including Battle Creek’s cross-country ski areas, the Bruce Vento Nature Sanctuary with its bicycle trails, and the sacred burial sites of Indian Mounds.
The population of Ward 7 is approximately 50 000.

“I believe…

that each and every person can make the best decision for themselves and their family given the right tools and a pathway to success.”